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Professional Gamer

written gameplay summary

⏰ Summary received within 3 work days

💳 €20


Written Gameplay Summary ✔️

I will watch your gameplay & take notes on key mistakes you made and things you're doing well. 

Optionally in video format ✔️

As a client you will have the option to request a video format instead of written feedback. 

How does it work 🤔

Watching your gameplay I will figure out where your problems lie. I'll try to find certain patterns within your gameplay and what keeps you from improving/climbing.


After watching I will summarize it in an easy to read document with timestamps so you can go over it yourself at your own pace. 


The document will also include some overall tips on improving at League of Legends, climbing the ladder, reaching a state of good mental focus, avoiding tilt, etc..


Any questions you have regarding the document will be answered.


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