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general coaching session

⏰ 1h

💳 €30


🕑 I coach part-time & hours in my other job fluctuate. Therefore I can't give you set hours to choose from. After ordering, add me on Discord; Halfhand#1433

This way we can setup a date/hour that fits us both.


Thank you for understanding 💛


Summoner profile analysis ✔️

We'll cover potential champion pool related issues, amount of games played, tilt streaks, etc...


Covering Runes/Item builds ✔️

We'll go over your rune and item choices for the champions you play. I'll help you optimize your build and runes.


Recorded gameplay review ✔️

We'll go over one of your gameplays. This can be a replay from the League of Legends client or an actual POV you recorded. I'll show you key mistakes you made, things you did well or things you should do differently. I'll help you identify were you need to focus on in order to get better.

Setting up learning objectives ✔️

We'll go over what you learned during your session and I'll setup some learning objectives for you. I'll show you the most important things you need to work on first in order to see rapid progress. You're also free to ask more questions.

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