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🏆 Achievements as a player:

- Reached Grandmaster 495lp (top 0.01% of the playerbase - 180 million active players)

- Reached Master 200lp with a 70% winrate playing solo only

- Reached Rank 1 on my favorite champion Twisted Fate


You can read more about my achievements here


🥇 Success as a coach:

My online League of Legends coaching and individual training system has helped numerous clients climb to new heights.

I've coached clients from Iron to Gold, Platinum to Diamond and even Diamond to Master.

Feel free to check out some testimonials from my clients here or watch a free coaching VOD on my YouTube channel. 

🧠 My coaching philosophy:

My aim as a coach is to help players, beginners, and professionals push past their limits and become the best version of themselves in-game and out of game. 

To me, coaching goes beyond just covering runes, items & in-game mistakes. Becoming an elite League of Legends player takes more than just hitting your skillshots and having good macro understanding. During your session I will teach you how to view the game like an elite level player.

meet halfhand

🧑🏻 About me:

Hey! My name is Halfhand

I'm a Grandmaster League of Legends coach from Belgium, passionate about helping League of Legends players climb through the ranked ladder, from Iron all the way to Master tier. I've been playing League of Legends at an elite level for about 3 years and have been coaching players ever since. My goal is to provide high quality but affordable League of Legends coaching to players of all skill levels.



(top 0.01%
of players)


rank 1 🏆
twisted fate
in the world


3 years of experience as a coach

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